Everyone has a story involving a hatchback. Whether it involves jumping a set of train tracks in your 1985 Chevy Nova or tearing down the ‘Ring in a Renault Megane Trophy-R, this configuration of car gets it done. Citroën is credited with the first civilian hatchback utilizing a lift gate for rear storage. While that … Continue Reading

The Nissan 240z S30 chassis is a car that captivated the hearts of enthusiasts around the world. This is the car that gave way to so many cult classics. It’s incredible to think this amazingly simple and effective automobile is the great-grandfather to the ultra futuristic Z32. Photography by : Viet Nguyen Video by : Matthewos Patroni … Continue Reading

Want to strike fear in the hearts of enthusiasts? Build a Wankel Rotary. Often misunderstood and regarded as complicated, this platform has resulted in more motor swaps and parked cars than a tax refund check. It’s really quite a shame considering the Wankel rotary was bred for making power while being light. Photography by : Viet … Continue Reading

Writing about Skylines is the worst. There’s so much you want to convey and speak about, all with the daunting task of not offending anybody in the process. Short of Mustangs, it is difficult to think of another universally loved and hated automobile. However, this car is different. Photography by : Viet Nguyen Video by … Continue Reading

Click on the logo to watch the raffle drawing of Chasing Js Datsun 510. Congratulation to the winner of our Datsun 510 raffle. We will send you an email to set up arrangement to pick up your 1971 Datsun 510!  

Thank you to everyone that joined in our Datsun 510 raffle. Here is the name list of all the entries, for privacy reasons, we did not show how many tickets each customer bought. All tickets will be put in a box and we will draw the lucky winner tomorrow. Check back tomorrow as we will … Continue Reading

HELLO EVERYONE!  Welcome to the launch of Chasing Js Media. We have put together a great team of photographers, writer, and editors to bring you news about the exciting niche world of modified Japanese classic cars. With quality content and stunning photography, we want to not only highlight the cars but put the spotlight on … Continue Reading